Harrogate author Amy - the new Twilight?

NADV 1303022AM1 Amy Keen book signing.  Amy Keen . Picture : Adrian Murray. (1303022AM1)
NADV 1303022AM1 Amy Keen book signing. Amy Keen . Picture : Adrian Murray. (1303022AM1)

By Graham Chalmers

A young Harrogate author’s debut Twilight-esque novel has been creating waves ‘across the pond’ with US book fans praising the series.

Embers was originally published in September 2012 and is the first book in Amy Keen’s trilogy The Foresight series published by Fisher King Publishing.

It was quickly followed by the equally popular Ashes.

Aimed particularly at young adults interested in the paranormal fiction genre, Embers’ central character is Scarlett Roth, an 18-year-old girl with divorced parents who has just moved with her mum to the notorious witchcraft town of Salem in Massachusetts.

It won strong reviews in the UK before being released in the USA where it has won support across the board, including one unusual reviewer.

Sweets by Steph combines reviewing books with creating intricately decorated cookie parcels based on characters from the novels themselves.

This Stateside blogger gave Embers a rave ‘four cookie’ review in which Steph said: “I was turning the pages faster and faster as I went through the book.”

Amy Keen said: “I am so thrilled with the response to the books in general, but some of the US bloggers have been incredibly supportive.

“Receiving the cookies from Steph was an added bonus; it is such a fun way to embrace the book.”

Amy started writing in childhood before leaving Harrogate temporarily to study Journalism and International Relations at the University of Lincoln.

Other bloggers in the USA have compared her novels to the juggernaut that is the Twilight series.

Auggie Talks Books blog said of Embers: “I’ve been hearing this book touted as the next Twilight but I’m completely against that concept. Why? Because it’s so much better!”

Amy’s central character of Scarlett Roth is beset by terrifying visions as shestruggles to come to terms with her powers and the secrets she uncovers in her hunt for answers.

The final instalment in The Foresight series, Phoenix is set for a summer 2014 release.

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