Crowds descend on Weeton Show - Report and Results

NADV 1307281AM1 Weeton Show. Kevin Braithwaite and his daughter Nell (2) admire Steven Granger's lamb. (1307281AM1)
NADV 1307281AM1 Weeton Show. Kevin Braithwaite and his daughter Nell (2) admire Steven Granger's lamb. (1307281AM1)

Despite heavy storms the previous night and road closures on the day of the show thousands turn out to enjoy all that annual event had to offer.

Crowds of thousands turned out to Sunday’s Weeton Show to ensure that this year’s event was a “true success”.

The annual show has been called off twice in recent years after wet weather put paid to organisers’ careful planning.

But, despite heavy storms on Saturday night and road closures on the big day, great crowds turned out to enjoy the best that Weeton had to offer.

“It was a really good turnout - and a really good spirit,” said committee member Andrew Dyson, who said an estimated 3,000 people attended on Sunday.

“It seemed the forecast was against us but the weather held out and, despite a slow start, the crowds came.

“We were really pleased. Perhaps, because last year was so tough, people really want to help make events like this a success.”

The show’s fortunes hadn’t seemed bright first thing on Sunday morning after heavy storms through the night sent several tents crashing to the ground.

Then, after an accident on the A658 at 6am, the show’s main access road was closed meaning visitors had to take a circuitous route.

But committee members ‘ploughed on’, volunteers rebuilding the arena before visitors arrived and taking to Twitter to issue new traffic directions.

“It was a feat of ingenuity that we managed to get everything back up again by the time it started,” said Mr Dyson. “Put there was a real community spirit, everybody pulled together and in the end, the weather couldn’t have been better.”

With the sunshine came the crowds, highlights on the day including heavy horses, show jumping and a championship display in the main ring.

There was a modern day tractor procession, rural crafts, spinning and weaving demonstrations and, for the first time, foraging around the show field.

A special ale, the Weeton Wiggle, was created for the occasion by Starbeck’s Daleside Brewery, and a horticulture and produce tent showcased the best of local talent.

For younger guests there was a kids’ corner, and Professor Dan Slater entertained with his Punch and Judy show, magic displays and impressive balloon animals.

There were stalls with ferrets, goats, and two alpacas, Miss Darcy and Anya, as well as falconry displays from Ben Potter and dog displays with Tailwaggers.

The Rougemont Chase, a 7.4km cross country race, was won by Rogan Ashton in 30 minutes and 17 seconds, with Liga Keen being the fastest female at 35 minutes and 15 seconds.

Best Dog in Show went to David Wright with his Kerry blue terrier Alfie, while the Dog with the Waggiest Tail went to Kirsty Saville with bassett hound Henry. Overall Champion in Show for Sheep went to Mr S Walmsley.

For Mr Dyson though, the highlight of the day was seeing the chaos that ensued when the dog and children’s races began.

“It’s a very informal show, it’s all about having good fun and enjoying the spirit of it,” he said, thanking the committee, in particular general secretary Candy Waller and chairman Gary Dukes, for their tireless efforts.

“We’re all busy people but shows like this really bring the community together - there are only about 50 houses in Weeton yet 3,000 people came from all over.”

The Weeton Show is run by a team of 100 volunteers. One committee member, Justin Locke, has served for more than 20 years while one visitor, Phyllis King, has been to 56 shows.



Farm Produce

The John Walker Cup: Oliver Stapleton

Four Hens Eggs – White: 1st P James; 2nd V Eyre. Four Hens Eggs – Brown: 1st J Clapham, 2nd J Clapham. 3rd F Shuttleworth. Four Bantam Eggs:1st F Shuttleworth, 2nd J Clapham.

6 Ears of Barley:1st O Stapleton, 2nd J Cotterill. A Bucket of Meadow Hay: 1st O Stapleton, 2nd Andrew Saville. Clamp Silage: 1st O Stapleton.

Home Produce

The Brook Silver Trophy: Pamela White


Raspberry Jam: 1st F Barlow, 2nd P Middlemiss, 3rd J Locke; Strawberry Jam 1st J Hickman, 2nd P White, 3rd R Denwood; Lemon Curd 1st J Hickman, 2nd P Middlemiss, 3rd L Askew; Chutney, Pickle or Relish: 1st F Barlow, 2nd G Lishman 3rd G Lishman


Sweet Red Wine: 1st P White; Dry White Wine: 1st P White; Sweet White Wine: 1st P White. Any Fruit Flavoured Spirit: 1st P White, 2nd R Hornshaw 3rd S Frase: Rhubarb and Ginger Vodka: 1st P White, 2nd R Hornshaw, 3rd V Cannon

Adults Cookery

The Hawnby Trophy: Janet Hickman

The Royde Silver Trophy: Anna Mountney

Loaf of Handmade Bread: 1st J Hickman: Handmade Multigrain Cob 1st J Hickman; Savoury Bread: 1st J Hickman, 2nd R Kirk, 3rd H Dawe; 4 Yorkshire Tea Cakes: 1st J Hickman, 2nd D Jennings, 3rd M Johnston; Chocolate Cake: 1st S Holmes, 2nd M Townsend, 3rd J Hickman; Lemon Drizzle Cake: 1st A Brown, 2nd P Galloway; 3rd L Askew; Rich Fruit Cake: 1st K Godley, 2nd P Galloway, 3rd J Cotterill; Victoria Sponge: 1st R Pullen, 2nd K Godley, 3rd R Pullen; Children’s Birthday Cake: 1st K Godley, 2nd P Galloway, 3rd B Worrall; 6 Pieces of Flapjack: 1st J Hickman, 2nd G Lishman, 3rd M Hesketh; Almond Tart: 1st P Galloway, 2nd J Meroz, 3rd J Hickman; 6 Shortbread Biscuits 1st J Hickman, 2nd K Godley, 3rd F Barlow; Savoury Quiche: 1st P Galloway, 2nd R Pullen, 3rd K Godley; Dessert For One: 1st B Worrall, 2nd J Hickman, 3rd V Cannon; 6 Cherry Scones:1st G Lishman 2nd D Jennings 3rd J Moraz; Yorkshire Curd Tart: 1st

K Godley 2nd P Galloway 3rd L Askew

Men’s Class – Upside Down Peach Sponge: 1st D Lavelle 2nd R Hornshaw 3rd M Hesketh


The Forget Me Knot Silver Salver Trophy: Emma Pittard

Any Article of Clothing Made By You: 1st S Holmes 2nd S Holmes 3rd J Wood; A Knitted or Crocheted Doll or Toy: 1st M Phillips, 2nd E Pittard 3rd J Butlers; A Cushion Made By You: 1st L Grange 2nd E Pittard; A Item made of Recycled Material: 1st E Barker; A Handmade Christmas Tree Decoration:1st E Pittard 2nd

J Hickman 3rd P Galloway; A Hand Made Bag: 1st E Pittard 2nd J Butler 3rd E Barker


The Melbourne Cup: Justin Locke

The David Beresford Art Prize Cup: Justin Locke


Colour - Rivers or Railways: 1st M Johnstone 2nd J Locke 3rd M Johnstone; Colour – Surprise Surprise: 1st J Locke 2nd H Askew 3rd M Johnstone; Black and White - People and Portraits or Places:1st M Powis 2nd H Wilson 3rd T Powis; A Digital Alteration: 1st N Horn 2nd H Wilson.

Adult’s Flower Arranging

The Dove Cup: Fiona Barlow

Holiday Memories: 1st J Hickman 2nd F Barlow 3rd P Galloway; Down the Garden Path: 1st F Barlow 2nd K Godley 3rd P Galloway; A Arrangement Celebrating a New Arrival: 1st K Godley 2nd P Galloway. The Village Show: 1st F Barlow 2nd K Godley 3rd P Galloway

Children’s Flower Arranging

The Wendy House Cup: Holly Ford and Holly Jennings

Vegetable Dinosaur – up to 5 years: 1st P Godley: Miniature Garden – 6 to 10 years: 1st H Ford 2nd J Jennings 3rd A Mountney; A Design in Half an Orange – 10 to 16 years: 1st H Jennings.

Children’s Photography

Animals: 1st H Askew 2nd A Mountney 3rd C Read

Children’s Cookery

The Liz Ford Children’s Trophy: Anna Mountney

2 Decorated Flapjack Squares – up to 6 years: 1st A Inman 2nd R Ford 3rd P Godley; 2 Traditional Chocolate Brownie Squares – 7 to 10 years: 1st A Mountney, 2nd J Jennings 3rd E Butler; 2 Vanilla Cupcakes, Iced and Decorated – 11 to 14 years: 1st H Jennings 2nd A Brennan 3rd L Brennan


Amateur Vegetables - Chamberlin Trophy: 1st J Locke 2nd R Bodsworth 3rd R Grange; Vegetables Open - Weeton Presidents Trophy: 1st P Ridsdale 2nd J Locke 3rd J Smith; Flowers Amateur - Woodgate Trophy: 1st P Galloway 2nd D Hield 3rd J Locke; Flowers Open – Huby Silver Trophy: 1st P Ridsdale 2nd

J Locke 3rd T Powis; Flowers Open – Rose Bowl – Best Individual Rose 1st P Ridsdale

Children’s Crafts & Design

Children Painting and Drawing

Pre-School: 1st Millie Holmes 2nd Annabel Inman 3rd Jane Cooke; Age 5 1st Sophie Holmes 2nd Betsy Way; Age 6-7: 1st Anna Mountney 2nd Amelia Wood 3rd Charlie Read; Age 8-9: 1st Jess Townsend 2nd Ellie Pearson 3rd Nell Way; Age 10-11: 1st Holly Jennings 2nd Kim Mountney 3rd Freddie Eyre; Age 12-13:

1st Tilly Cannon 2nd Benjamin Wood 3rd Alice Townsend

The Maurice Jones Trophy: Holly Jennings

Children Handwriting: Age 5 1st Betsy Way 2nd Sophie Holmes 3rd Elena Dickson; Age 6-7: 1st Sophie Brennan 2nd Amelia Wood 3rd Agnes Pearson; Age 8-9: 1st Sophie Pittard 2nd Ellie Pearson 3rd Jess Townsend; Age 10-11: 1st Lucy Ramsden 2nd Ruth Denwood 3rd Bea Cannon; Age 12-13: 1st Emilia Blackie

2nd Lucy Brennan

The Margaret Clapham Trophy: Lucy Ramsden

Children Old MacDonald: 1st Mitchell Haigh 2nd Jane Cooke 3rd Phillip Godley

Children Anything Handmade

Preschool: 1st Felix Pearson; Age 6-7: 1st Olivia Jennings 2nd Anna Mountney 3rd Agnes Pearson; Age 8-9: 1st Sophie Pittard 2nd Ellie Pearson; Age 10-11: 1st Amy Brennan 2nd Emily Butler 3rd Emily Waller

The Linda Turnell Children’s Trophy: Sophie Pittard

Children Wooden Spoon Scarecrow Pre-School: 1st Phillip Godley 2nd Jane Cooke 3rd Mitchell Haigh; Age 6-7: 1st Sophie Brennan 2nd Amelia Wood 3rd Nathaniel Wood; Age 8-9: 1st Sophie Pittard; Age 10-11: 1st Kim Mountney

Children Flyaway Home (Butterfly) Age 6-7: 1st Anna Mountney: Age 8-9: 1st Sophie Pittard: ge 10-11: 3rd Kim Mountney; Age 12-13: 1st Jade Mountney

Cover Competition: 1st Amy Brennan 2nd Holly Jennings 3rd Olivia Jennings