REVIEW: Woodlands Drama Group in Mort

'It would seem that you have no useful talent whatsoever. Have you thought of going into teaching?' So writes Terry Pratchett.

Monday, 12th December 2016, 1:14 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:43 pm
Cast of Mort

Death goes to the Jobcentre to look for a new job, having handed over the reins of Binky the horse to a 
hapless farm boy, in Terry Pratchett’s highly popular novel Mort.

Woodlands Drama Group presented the stage adaptation by Stephen Briggs at Harrogate Theatre with Julie James as producer/director.

A very busy cast included Mark Dove with sepulchrally-amplified voice as Death, Max Albrecht as Mort, Brian Hey as the wizard Cutwell, Frankie Sharp as Death’s daughter Ysabell, and Jonathan Hill as his manservant Albert.

Ian Clarke, Jemma Bunting, Ben Pollard, Sarah Blackamore, Keiran Lancaster and Rosie Day all created distinct characters in multiple roles.

A convoluted plot is kicked into action when Mort fails to collect the soul of Princess Keli (well played by Liz Watt) and kills her would-be assassin instead.

Costume, lighting and sound departments all clearly had plenty to do; weapons and accessories were designed and made by Helen and Toby Albrecht; and the direction made excellent use of the limited space.

It was a welcome treat for Pratchettphiles, and a good introduction to the Discworld creator’s barmy universe for those who have always needed one but were afraid to ask.