New boss at Knaresborough karate school

Junior student Jack Wignall holding the First Dan black belt certificate he received from the previous instructor Anne Hastings, with other Mirai students (S)

A well-known Knaresborough face has handed over the reins of her karate school to a new tutor.

Anne Hastings, who is a sixth dan clack belt in the sport and has talen British, European and World titles in competitions, was for many years based at the “Mirai Dojo” in Knaresborough.

Now she has handed over the reins to Andrew Gulson, and Andrew has spoken of his “honour” at taking on the job.

The Mirai Dojo teaches a traditional Japanese style of karate, which Andrew is suitable for everybody, and for ages seven to 70.

Andrew says, “Karate has a great deal to offer to anyone who can take that initial step and walk through the door into a dojo for the first time. It really can enrich your life.”

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