Video: Golf Tips: Session Six, How to really improve at golf

Tips from Wetherby golf club’s Mark Daubney: How to really improve at golf

In this week’s episode, Mark tells golfers what is required to reach the top level.

He says: “It is good to have some understanding of how to play the game but takes many years of training and continued learning to really know how the swing works and relate it to ball flight.

“With this in mind, my tip today is to go out and find yourself a coach you can work with and begin a series of lessons that will really start to help you, both with technique and understanding of how you play.

“Had lessons before and they didn’t work? You had the wrong coach or you didn’t work at your game after!

“Come on, you can be the golfer you want to be…”

Next week: The importance of setting the right arm

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