Golf Tips: Session 17 - Hitting crisp irons

Wetherby Golf Club’s Mark Daubney hosts the latest of his golf tips.

This week, Mark says: “The biggest secret to hitting irons well for most club golfers is to realise you can`t help the ball up in the air and that actually, to hit it properly, you need a slight descending blow into the back of the ball.

“The ideal strike pattern is to hit the ball first, just before you hit the turf and take a divot.

“Elevation will be created by loft on your chosen club and spin, giving you the correct height, spin and distance on the ball.

“Don`t hit the ball high enough? Then something else is wrong, go see your pro for that tune up.”

Any questions, tweet Mark at @proshopwetherby or Ed at @EdWhite2507.

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