THE BIG MATCH LIVE! Hastings United v Harrogate Town FA Cup clash

Harrogate Town are taking on Hastings United in Sussex tonight in the FA Cup.
Harrogate Town are taking on Hastings United in Sussex tonight in the FA Cup.

SUDDEN DEATH: Town’s Lee Elam fires wide. Okojie steps up for Hastings and scores the winner. Hastings are going to Middlesbrough.

Town’s Liam Hardy, scores cool finish. 3-3. Hastings Zac Attwood scores, bottom right corner. 4-3 Hastings. Town’s Luke Dean scores, bottom left corner. Hastings’ Danny Ellis skies over the bar!! 4-4,. Sudden death.

Town first up. Adam Bolder scores; Hastings Jack Dixon. Scores, sent MacGillivray the wrong way; Town, Tom Platt. Skies over the bar. Terrible miss; Hastings, Matt Whitehead scores down the middle. Town Jonny Allan scores, calm finish into the top corner. Lee Carey scores for Hastings, who are 3-2 up.

30th minute - The sides have done all they can, it’s going to penalties. Gulp. One helluva battle in Hastings tonight.

Tweet from @ChrisWatt4 ‘A lot of cramp among the Harrogate Town players. Poor fitness levels?’ No, just a lot of tired legs.

27 - Town’s Elam lashes in, Platt dinks out for a corner which the naked butler/keeper Armstrong-Ford just about manages to retrieve.

23 - Hastings’ winger Okojie robs the ball and storms upfield for Hastings, laying off to Dixon but a tired shot sees MacGillivray save. Armstrong-Ford now helping Hardy with cramp. Harrogate’s Hardy taken off. Town down to 10 men at the moment. Worrying. Still 1-1. Five minutes to go until pens.

21 - Harrogate Town’s Dixon’s shot blazes across the face of goal but it’s still 1-1

20th - Bolder hits the side netting after jinking run in from the right, So close.

18th minute - Samuels lashes in from the wing, but there’s nobody waiting. Dean then wastes a shot. Profligate.

16th minute - Hastings straight out of the blocks after the whistle. Ellis goes within inches of making it 2-1 Hastings with a looping shot which MacGillivray just gets a finger to as it glides over the bar.

15th minute - Half way through extra time and it’s still 1-1. Town have 15 minutes left to win this before we’re looking at the dreaded penalty shootout.

11th minute - Tom Platt’s struggling with cramp, Town really are giving everything.

10th minute - Hastings pressure is somehow soaked up by Town, and they break upfield.

7th minute - Carey lashes in, hits a Town shirt and is out for another corner.

7th minute - Ellis unleashes a rocket from 18 yards out, sits up, MacGillivray gets a glove to it and pushes it out for a corner.Manning header is deflected out for another corner.

6th minute - Looping shot from Whitehead out wide : MacGillivray catches the high ball

Extra time, 2nd minute - Confident shot from Harrogate Town’s Dwayne Samuels hit at pace - sadly goes wide. It goes down to who wants this more. Keep battling Town!

It’s 1-1 and it goes to extra time. Hastings win a corner, Ray misses a chance and it’s extra time.Town are very lucky to still be in this. If it wasn’t for Armstrong-Ford carrying an injury, perhaps it could have been different.

91st - Four minutes of injury time.....can Town grab a winner?

90th minute Meris corner whipped across the face of goal, Tom Platt SCOOOOORRRESS!!!

89th - Elam jinks into box and passes to Hardy. Town win a corner but it’s taken short. Elam wins another corner against Ellis.

84th minute- Hastings have a throw-in but Town break downfield and a challenge on Elam wins them another free kick. Dean takes the kick, but once again, there’s no aerial threat from Town in the box. Harrogate Town are seriously missing Alan White tonight.

82nd minute - Dee Okojie comes on for Goldberg. 79th minute - Whitehead lets Platt sneak in behind him down the right hand side, but the cross drifts behind. Still 1-0. COME ON TOWN!

78th - Elam wins a free kick in a position of real danger just outside the box. Totally wasted by Town. Instead of blasting at the wall Platt passes to his left and Hastings mopped up the loose ball.

Seems to have been an odd move to have taken off Chilaka and Beasley and brought on Hardy, who hasn’t played for town for months.

76th minute - Samuels blasts a long delivery for Allan to run on to in the box, but it’s too much to ask and Jirbandey boots the goalkick once again. Town not making the most of the precious opportunities they’ve created.

74th minute - Attwood makes a break and squares to Dixon, who spoons the pass back to the striker and Hastings’ opportunity to make it 2-0 is gone. Oh dear - Armstrong-Ford and Allan just collided, think the naked butler’s come off worst.

71st minute - Weaver makes third Town substitution in a bid to kickstart Town’s night. Jonny Allan on for Beesley. Tom Vickers is swapped for Scott Manning for the hosts.

70th minute - Sean Ray heads Carey’s corner over the bar.

68th - Another Town sub, Lee Elam on for Forrest on the wing.

65th minute - Harrogate aren’t bossing this at all now. They’ve won set piece after set piece but haven’t been able to make any of them count. Still 1-0 Hastings.

64th minute - Town win a free kick wide out on the right.. Merris’ ball reaches the head of Bloomer and takes a deflection off Vickers, but the referee awards Hastings a goalkick.

61st minute - Still 1-0 Hastings. It’s a shame but Chib Chilaka has been replaced by Liam Hardy. Who scored for Railway on Saturday by the way!

57th minute - Whitehead picks out Dixon in the centre, who pounds forwards and delivers a hugely powerful strike but MacGillivray parries and Town are safe.

56th - Whitehead throw-in, Goldberg hovers waiting but it creeps wide and MacGillivray boots it back upfield.

54th minute - Town win two corners on the bounce. Their sixth to Hastings’ two.

It’s taken short and Bolder gets a foot to it but Hastings sweep away the threat.

53rd minute - Samuels wins a corner. Merris lashes in, Killock at the near post dinks back to Merris who fires back in, but Platt heads in.

51st minute - Beesley heads out Samuel’s cross from out wide. So close.

47th minute - Hastings have started fast, and won a penalty, Bloomer takes Attwood’s leg away as he runs into the box. Carey steps up and Hastings are 1-0 up.

Second Half: It’s goalless, it’s not exactly been exciting, but Town are winning the second balls and were starting to reduce the space Hastings were previously enjoying.

They’re off!

Half time summary: Town haven’t exactly set the south coast on fire but they stayed composed and refused to be bossed about by Attwood, Ellis and Goldberg. Hopefully an inspirational word from Weaver can draw out a more bullish second half performance. They need a goal. Nobody wants this to go to extra time or penalties.

Hearing reports from some Harrogate Town fans who are watching the game on TV that the folks at ESPN seem to have a bit of a biase towards wanting Hastings United to win. Grrrr.


45th minute - One minute of injury time before this half is over. Can somebody find the net? Doesn’t look likely. Goldberg goes on a run and wins a corner, but the ref’s blown the whistle.. Ray’s furious. HALF TIME!!.

44th minute - Ellis twisting and turning his way into the box but he’s got no support.

42nd minute - Attwood runs on to Jirbandey’s looping cross, but Bloomer tackles to ensures it’s a goalkick.

39th minute - Beesley makes a run on to Dean’s through-ball, Ray cuts in for the tackle and the threat’s gone. Town turning up the pressure now but Hastings back in possession.

38th minute - Merris whips in - Chilaka somehow misses. He’ll be kicking himself over that. Town should really be one up.

36th minute - Dean’s 20-yard shot doesn’t find the net, but shortly afterwards he wins a corner.

35th minute - Goldberg whips in a cross from the right, finds Ellis but MacGillivray isn’t troubled by the high ball.

31 - Samuels and Dean proving a great combination, popping the ball around. Samuels’ high looping cross is dinked forward to Chilaka, but it’s out for a goalkick.

30th minute - Half an hour gone, it’s still nil-nil, nobody really taken it by the scruff yet.

29th - Merris sets up Beesley for a header directed out wide.

28th minute - Tom Platt blasts in, ball goes across goal to Forrest, who is unable to do much with it.

26th minute - Merris’ ball headed away easily by Hastings. 25th minute - Town doing better. Opening up the left hand side, and now Ray’s given away a corner after Dean attempts to head past him.

22nd minute - Town’s first proper chance, Luke Dean gets on the end of Merris’ cross from out wide and shoots, Armstrong-Ford palms out for a corner. Town win their first corner. Merris whips in, and Platt arrives too late as Beesley gets in the way. Drat. Town should be a goal up.

22nd minute: Left back Whitehead races down the wing and whips the ball into the box.

20th minute - MacGillivray misdirects a kick from out wide, and Hastings are back in possession.

18th minute - Town find a way through but Paul Beesley fails to get on the end of Chilaka’s pass.

17th minute - Jirbandey taking Hastings’ goalkicks as keeper Armstrong-Ford’s knee is clearly still an issue.

16th minute - Hastings break upfield through Goldberg, but Matt Bloomer quells the threat.

14th minute - Carey whips in a free kick from near the corner flag, Attwood tries to get round Dwayne Samuels and MacGillivray but it’s Town’s goalkick. Hastings just shading it.

13th minute - Midfield skipper Carey proving a bit of a menace for the Town defence, striker Chib Chilaka is now helping defend. Hmm. Get up Chib!

10th minute - Bradley Goldberg wins a free kick which Carey takes out wide on the left, great kick but MacGillivray has no trouble saving.

9th minute - Still nervy moments for both sides. Neither has found a rhythm.

7th minute - Attwood fails to get on the end of a decent cross from right back Cox.

5th minute - Town not quite found their feet, Dave Merris free kick finds its way to Danny Forrest who blasts the ball wide of the far post.

2nd minute - Hastings make an early sortie into Town territory, striker Zac Attwood wins a corner. Lee Carey takes, but Town keeper Craig MacGillivray has no problem with Sean Ray’s header.

TWEET: Rob Wilson of Radio York has the faith: ‏@Rob7wilson @deansmig it’ll be fairly even. If harrogate play well they should win. With tv cameras there I just hope it’s not decided by a mistake.

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The teams are out. Town are in their blue away kit, which they wore in Torquay. For Hastings, Danny Ellis starts in place of Okojie. Ellis was a game changer at Wetherby Road.

Whoever gets the best start could swing it tonight. Let’s hope it’s Town (she said, without any biase!).

Apparently Hastings’ keeper Matt Armstrong-Ford’s knee is still not 100 per cent but he’s playing. His knee popped out at Wetherby Road.

Hopefully the knee hasn’t been an impediment in his naked butler day job.

Minutes to go and the Pilot Field is packed to the rafters.

Great atmosphere on the Sussex coast.

And the pitch looks A LOT healthier than the Wetherby Road surface so if Town can play their usual preferred flowing style, we’re in for a treat.

TWEET: Yorkshire Post football reporter Richard Sutcliffe ‏@RSootyYPSport says: “Pilot Field filling up nicely ahead of Harrogate’s FA Cup tie at Hastings. Sell-out crowd of 4,000 expected as Boro await winners in Rnd 3.”

Update: This is actually being written by sport editor Amy Craven. She seems to want Harrogate Town to win more than anyone. She says, and I quote: “I feel sick. I want them to win so badly.” That’s balanced journalism for you!

Right, the teams are in: Here they are:

Harrogate Town: MacGillivray, Samuels, Merris, Bolder, Bloomer, Killock, Platt, Dean, Chilaka, Beesley, Forrest; Subs Allan, Clayton, Elam, Bolland, Hardy, Da Veiga, Nowakowski.

Hastings United: Armstrong, Ford, Cox, Whitehead, Carey, Ray, Jirbandey, Ellis, Dixon, Vickers, Attwood, Goldberg: Subs Manning, Okokjie, Richardson, Camara, Bachellier, Abbott, Winchester

Good evening everyone, welcome to the Harrogate Advertiser’s live commentary of Hastings United versus Harrogate Town in the FA Cup 2nd round replay. Simon Weaver’s troops are about two hours (hopefully) away from a glamour third round trip to the Riverside to meet Middlesbrough.

Can they do it?

The odds are good, most bookies are putting the North Yorkshiremen as slight favourites.

They’re at full strength, with only defender Alan White missing due to suspension.

And Town certainly had the better first half two weeks ago, Tom Platt scoring the opener just before half time.

But tonight’s Rymans League hosts are no mugs - and if they’re fielding the same side they did at Wetherby Road, they’ll be a tough nut to crack.

Defensively strong, and with the whippetlike Bradley Goldberg on the wing, they’re not frightened of taking a chance and testing Town from out distance and the set piece.

Their coach has urged them to go out and savour this chance, so they will be looking to upset the applecart and push through to meet Middlesbrough.

Only Jamie Crellin, who scored Hastings’ goal at Wetherby Road, is missing, having accrued five bookings.

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