Brazil World Cup 2014: Harrogate’s Brazilian Soccer School Skills - Ronaldinho Elastic 2

The World Cup is reaching the end of the group stages, but we are only half-way through showing the best skills on offer at the Brazilian Soccer School in Harrogate.

In the latest clip, Ollie Lamb shows off the second Ronaldinho Elastic.

Watch the video to see how to do it. Give it a go, and send in your pictures and videos to

Player profile:

Name: Olly Lamb

Age: 10

Your best position: Number 10

Team you play for:

School Attended: Oatlands Junior School

Who is going to win the World Cup: Germany

Favourite Player: Franck Ribery

How long have you been training with BSS Harrogate ? 5 years

How many sessions per week do you train with BSS Harrogate: 3 or 4

Tell something interesting about yourself: I also play Cricket for Yorkshire Schools

Favourite joke: How did the football pitch become all wet? Because the players had dribbled all over it :-)

A special thanks to the video team at Red Lime Studios for this feature. View the website at