Boroughbridge boss fury at Whitkirk ‘disgrace’

Paul Eaglin in action against Wetherby Athletic
Paul Eaglin in action against Wetherby Athletic

Boroughbridge boss Daz Ekin wants an end to Whitkirk Wanderers’ brutal behaviour and has urged the West Yorkshire League to throw them out.

‘Bridge lost 5-2 at Wanderers on Saturday in another match marred by horrendous tackles and red cards.

The result dropped ‘Bridge into the relegation zone after their fourth successive defeat. But a disgraced Ekin called for league officials to carry a hard line and cut the bully boys out.

Whitkirk raced into a two-goal lead but Dan McDaid pulled one back with a fine individual effort.

‘Bridge skipper Martin Hutchison missed a spot-kick but Ekin’s men levelled through Steve Paffitt with their second penalty.

Wanderers regained their lead with two more before a brawl saw three red cards shown, including one for ‘Bridge defender Paffitt.

The home side’s nine-men added a fifth but Ekin said their distasteful style had left his players bruised.

Daz Ekin said: “We took the wrong team. We should have taken a boxing team. All they wanted to do was fight.

“We work hard in training and do the right things and then you go to a place like Whitkirk. They are a disgrace.

“They are miles behind how the game should be played. It just isn’t football.

“Dan McDaid got some really rough treatment. Every time he got the ball he was pole-axed.Teams like that, we don’t need in the league. They should throw them out.”

Ekin defended Paffitt’s innocence in the 10 minute brawl and then criticised the referee for failing to add any injury time.

“Steve took two punches and ended up getting sent off. He was going in to protect Dan, not fight,” the gaffer said.

“The referee said he just wanted to get off the pitch.

“It was out of order. That is his job. That’s what he gets paid for. If he doesn’t want it, then he shouldn’t be going to places like Whitkirk.”

Despite the manner of defeat, Ekin admitted his side conceded soft goals and said changes were in the offing for Otley Town’s visit on Saturday.

The boss said: “I have to make changes. We need to get some fresh legs in. We have players coming back and I have to tell some players they won’t be playing any more.

“We have a plan B and we have to go with it. There will be at least six changes on Saturday.”

Ekin’s side will move out of the drop zone when the points from the Rothwell abandonment are adjusted to the table.

But Ekin urged his players to forget those points and has targeted six more for survival.

“I want players to stand up and be counted. I want them to realise where we are in the table and I want a response.”

he said.

“We can’t have people thinking we will be safe just because we are getting points. We have four games left and we need to win two of them.”

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