England call-up for Ripon Rock-It-Ball quintet

Hannah Hale of Ripon Rock-It-Ball club. (S)
Hannah Hale of Ripon Rock-It-Ball club. (S)

Ripon Rock-it-Ball Club have received a massive boost ahead of the new season as five talented players have been selected to represent England in both the senior and youth teams.

The experienced Derek van Der Westhuizen and Hannah Hale were both selected for the senior England team, while for the England youth team, Dominic Butler, Reece Farren and Stephen Laws were all chosen.

Dominic Butler of Ripon Rock-It-Ball club. (S)

Dominic Butler of Ripon Rock-It-Ball club. (S)

The England youth team have so far played challenge matches against the senior teams as there wasn’t a Youth World Cup this year.

Although the team faced tough competition they performed brilliantly, even beating the senior Danish World Cup team.

This is an amazing achievement for the Ripon players as they have only been playing the sport for 10 months, and to come this far is credit to their dedication to training.

All five players will continue to represent England in the forthcoming matches next season.

Currently the quintet are training in preparation for next season’s Rock-It-Ball league, due to commence in early February.

After Ripon Grammar School became the National Centre of Excellence for Rock-It-Ball last year, it has seen huge growth with new players joining weekly and club numbers doubling in the past two months.

The squad trains every Thursday evening at Ripon Grammar School’s sports hall from 6pm until 7.30pm and there are two sessions.

There is a new session from 6pm-7pm which is for beginners to the sport, taking people from aged seven upwards, and the other session is for intermediate and advanced players.

A typical session will involve a fun group warm up, then some skill work, followed by mini competitions and a group match to end the session.

A popular new game for the club is Quidditch Rock-It-Ball , which is loved by all the players.

Sessions are run by Director of Sport Helen Mackenzie, talented England Rock-It-Ball coach Tom Hildreth and International junior Rock-It-Ball world champion Dan Raper.

To join the Ripon club, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player then head to the Ripon Grammar School sports hall on Thursday at 6pm.

New recruits will be trained by proffessionals and have the chance to star in one of the leagues.

Fun is guaranteed!

For more information contact Helen Mackenzie on 07896 534539 or mackenzieh@ripongrammar.co.uk.