Caswell breaks vets record to win Norwood Edge event

Paul Caswell. (S)
Paul Caswell. (S)

Event 16 of the Fulford Cycles TT league was a short but very sharp ascent of the one mile Norwood Edge.

The climb is difficult as it starts sappingly steep at 20 per cent at the bottom before easing off but it’s the riders who can measure their agonising effort who do well.

The top two in the league were absent, Steve Smales recovering from illness and Duncan Mullier preparing for a 100 mile event, but hill climbs are won by the hill specialists.

Nova’s Simon Ketteringham went early and broke the six minute barrier and his brother’s vets’ record with 5:58, but the time was soon broken by 15 year old Edwyn Oliver-Evans of Boneshakers with a junior record to go with his school-boy record with 5:54. But some things are genetic and Nova’s Paul Caswell, in his first event as a vet and son of former national hillclimb champion Vaughan, broke the new vets’ record with 5:49 to win the event and the Senior Hill Climb Shield. To cap a good night for the juniors Tommy Buckle (7:42) joined Edwyn in beating his dad. Alison Sarmiento won the ladies event with 8:39.

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