'Chuffed' and 'delighted' Ripon gets ready to welcome Jack Laugher home

The proud people of Ripon have started making preparations to welcome home their golden boy, Jack Laugher, on his return from Rio.

Friday, 12th August 2016, 2:18 pm
Updated Friday, 12th August 2016, 3:19 pm
Ripon City Council dress up the city hall in Jack's honour
Ripon City Council dress up the city hall in Jack's honour

Ripon City Council are in discussions over what will be done to celebrate the Ripon diver's outstanding Olympic performance which saw him take gold in the synchronised 3m springboard.

But following his success on Wednesday evening (August 10), former Mayor and Ripon City Councillor Pauline McHardy said she ensured the flag would be flying high the next day.

She said: "I'm absolutely delighted, the same as everybody else from Ripon. I missed it but I was phoned immediately to say that he'd got the gold for us so I wanted to make sure in the morning that the flag went up immediately in recognition and there it is, we've got the Union Jack flying.

"We are going to organise something to welcome Jack back but of course there will be a lot of preparations and also we need to know when he's coming back anyway and when it would be convenient for him to do something in Ripon."

On the Thursday morning (August 11) council staff decorated the city hall with Union Jack buntings and golden balloons in tribute to Jack's achievement.

Coun McHardy described the atmosphere as 'electrifying' and explained how the positive news will inspire many of Ripon's other young people.

She said: "I'm like a dog with two tails, it's delightful. The atmosphere in Ripon has been electrifying.

"This is a huge thing for Ripon, it's going to inspire our young people that it's possible for everybody to do something, everybody has some skills its just developing what those skills are and they need to be given the opportunity."

Other people around the town also expressed their pride in Jack's achievement with local businesses saying the performance had sparked a golden theme the following day.

Lou Grant, Owner at Oliver's Pantry said: "We're just delighted of course, we've been giddy all day, we've had a gold theme going throughout our staff today but we're just chuffed."

Now, the people wait eagerly to hear when Jack will return to Ripon and what will be done to commemorate his golden success.