Worst football team in Britain gets coached by Premier League footballer Jimmy Bullard

A football team dubbed the worst in Britain after losing 26-0 has been offered a lifeline - by former Premier League footballer Jimmy Bullard.

The Wigan Athletic hero was drafted in to help Manchester-based Cavaliers FC, which has lost every game of the season.

After fielding a team with no goalkeeper and only one defender, the club put a plea for help on social media following the embarrassing thrashing by Avenue FC.

Specsavers spotted the post, and connected the side with Bullard, with the end goal of moving them up the league.

Support over the next few months

Over the next few months Jimmy will put the squad through their paces with a series of drills, challenges and workshops.

And as well as making sure the players’ eyesight is up to scratch, Specsavers has also provided the Cavaliers with a slick new kit and given them nutritional supplements.

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Turning things around

Team manager and founder Ben Gage is eager to turn things around for his Manchester League division two team.

He added: “We started the season full of optimism and things went absolutely brilliantly – for the other teams.

“As things stand, we’ve now played 11 matches and lost all 11 games. We scored a total of five goals and conceded 113.

“In our first game we lost 3-1 but we were feeling confident going forward. However, in our second match we then lost 16-0 and everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong in that game.

“Since then, we’ve continued to lose every game, including a huge thrashing where we lost 26-0 in a game where we had no keeper and just one defender.

“Our players are fed-up and starting to lose interest. That’s when we issued our plea on social media to find some new experienced players and swap the squad around.

“In the future we’d like to progress up the leagues and perhaps eventually get into semi-pro, but for now we need to just concentrate on winning our first match of the season.”

Specsavers will be documenting the team’s progress on a dedicated YouTube channel with the help of resident armchair fans, Statman Dave and Stephen Tries.