Thomas Cook and Tui have been rated the worst for package holidays - here’s who was rated the best

Have you been let down by a package holiday? (Photo: Shutterstock)Have you been let down by a package holiday? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Have you been let down by a package holiday? (Photo: Shutterstock)

The summer holidays are well and truly underway and families are jetting off abroad, with many taking advantage of the best package deals.

For lots of us, big names like Thomas Cook and Tui are the go-to companies for package holidays - but they’ve actually ranked at the bottom of the pile according to a Which? Travel survey.

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What did the survey find?

In Which? Travel’s survey of more than 8,000 holiday experiences, Thomas Cook and Tui were placed “firmly at the bottom of the table”.

The report said: “While holidays with these companies were not dreadful, the experience offered was nowhere near as good as the consistently excellent package holidays offered by other providers, with the top-performing company receiving a score of 91%.”

Tui bagged itself a score of just 74% while Thomas Cook came in at the bottom of the pile with just 69%.

Why did they rate so low?

The report from Which? Travel revealed that while both Thomas Cook and Tui were given an average of three-star ratings, customers had encountered difficulties with their holiday packages.

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“One in four Thomas Cook customers reported that they had encountered a problem on holiday,” the report said.

These issues included:

Long flight delaysUnhelpful or non-existent holiday reps

In the report, one customer said: “Our holiday was advertised as having “in-resort service”, but when we contacted the rep to book an excursion, they refused to come to our hotel or any nearby hotels.”

In regards to package holidays with Tui, customers also complained about:

Unprofessional holiday repsUnexplained delaysDisappointing accommodation

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The report said: “A number of customers reported paying extra for a sea view that turned out to be anything but.”

Who was rated the best?

At the top of the leader board was Trailfinders who came in with an overall score of 91% and five-star ratings for customer service and holiday organisation.

Also performing well near the top of the rankings was Jet2 Holidays, which are the UK’s second biggest tour operator.

They came in with a score of 87% and four-star ratings across the board.

This article originally appeared appeared on our sister site Edinburgh Evening News

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