This shocking photo shows why you should always sleep with your bedroom door closed

People who leave their bedroom door open when they go to sleep are at greater risk if there is a fire, a fire service has warned, using an alarming image to hammer their point home.

US firefighters released an image revealing the damage the blaze caused to a bedroom door in a property they were called out to last year.

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'Very little damage'

The firefighters took photos showing the significant fire damage to the front side of the bedroom door, as well as an image of the door taken from inside the room.

On the outside, the white door is severely blackened, while the interior image makes it look relatively untouched, showing just a small out of damage around the frame.

The crew have shared the image on Facebook, in an effort to urge people to shut themselves in while they are sleeping, as it could potentially save lives

The Facebook post reads, "The photos are a great example of the importance of keeping bedroom doors closed while sleeping. The door pictured in both photos is a hollow core door to a bedroom.

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"While the front of the door is severely damaged the closed door protected the bedroom and its contents. If this were an occupied bedroom the closed door could have saved a life.

"The cause and origin of the fire are under investigation and believed to be accidental in nature."

(Photo: Facebook/Town Of New Fairfield's Fire Marshal's Office)

Bedtime safety tips

Along with keeping your bedroom door closed at night, firefighters recommend carrying out a few simple safety checks before going to sleep.

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London Fire Brigade advise keeping this bedtime checklist in mind to help minimise the risk of a house fire:

Close all your internal doors to prevent smoke spreading if a fire startsTurn off and unplug electrical appliances unless they are designed to be left on – like your fridge or freezerDon’t leave the washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher on overnight and unattendedDon’t leave mobile phones, tablets or e-cigarettes charging overnightCheck that your hob and oven switches are all offTurn heaters off, rake out fires and put a fire guard in placePut candles, incense sticks and oil burners out and never leave them burning when you are asleepMake sure cigarettes are completely out - wet them to be sureNever smoke in bed - it's best to quit but, if you can't, swap for an e-cigaretteMake sure escape routes are clear of anything that may slow you downKeep door and window keys where everyone you live with can find themIf you or anyone else in the home has mobility issues, ensure mobility aids and methods of calling for help (like emergency pendants) are close to hand in case help is needed to assist with an escape