These are the 10 most family friendly airlines in the world

These are the most family friendly airlines (Photo: Shutterstock)These are the most family friendly airlines (Photo: Shutterstock)
These are the most family friendly airlines (Photo: Shutterstock)

Flying can be a stressful time for everyone - and it can be extra stressful with families, especially if you have young children.

But there are some travel operators that cater well for families making the journey abroad less stressful, with these airlines being named as the most family-friendly in the world, according to travel site Last Minute.

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What makes an airline family friendly?

Last Minute looked at some of the most-booked airlines across the globe and assessed what services they offered families to help make travelling easier and more comfortable.

These are the amenities that Last Minute scored the airlines on:

Priority boardingIn flight TVChild friendly mealsFree to take pushchairFree to take car seat

The airlines were then given a Last Minute family friendly score, with 10 being the highest number they could get.

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How did the airlines score?

Coming in at the top of the most family friendly airlines was Etihad Airways, offering all of the extra amenities Last Minute scored on except from being able to bring a car seat. They were given an overall family friendly score of 10.

Close behind was Air Canada, with a family friendly score of nine. They offered all the extras except child-friendly meals and was an either or situation for travellers looking to bring a pushchair and a car seat.

Also tied for second was Qatar Airways, which actually offered all the extras Last Minute were looking for, however it was a choice between the pushchair and car seat for travellers. The same as Air Canada, Qatar Airways was given a score of nine.

Next was United Airlines who received a score of eight for offering all extras, however their ‘in flight TV’ option was only available on some aircrafts.

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After United Airlines was Aer Lingus, with a score of seven. It’s in flight TV options were also only available on some aircrafts, and they didn’t offer the option of the car seat for families.

Also scoring seven stars was TAP Air Portugal and American Airlines. TAP Air Portugal doesn’t offer in flight TV, and American Airlines only offered it on some aircrafts.

Making the top ten was British Airways, with six stars. Their in flight TV options were similarly only available on some aircrafts, but otherwise offered all the other sought after amenities.

Also with six stars was Oman Air and Turkish Airlines. These two airlines suffered in the same areas - neither offers priority boarding, car seats and their in flight TV options were limited.

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The list in full

These are the top 10 most family friendly airlines in the world, and their rating, according to Last Minute:

Etihad Airways, 10 starsAir Canada, nine starsQatar Airways, nine starsUnited Airlines, eight starsAer Lingus, seven starsTAP Air Portugal, seven starsAmerican Airlines, seven starsBritish Airways, six starsOman Air, six starsTurkish Airlines, six stars