Six best video call activities to try from home

Date nights, virtual fashion shows and cookery sessions are among the many video call activities people can enjoy as lockdown continues.

Visiting the ‘pub’ and taking part in quizzes are other great ideas that help people to keep in touch and stay entertained, using smartphones and internet connection.

Here are six top suggestions;

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1 Quiz

Everyone loves a pub quiz, and this can be done weekly, or as often as you like. Get a group of friends together and take it in turns to compile the questions. You can vary topics, and the difficulty levels.

2 Cooking

If you often catch up with friends in a restaurant, why not fire up the video call and become chefs for the evening. Decide on a dish and cook along together, while enjoying a good old chinwag.

3 Pub visits

Some pubs have set up chat rooms where you can enter and leave as you please, chatting to regulars and new faces. Or you can set up your own with buddies.

4 TV

There are several sharing platforms available on the internet to allow groups of friends to watch tv programmes and films together in real time. Grab the snacks and share comments afterwards.

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5 Fashion show

Share a virtual fashion show with your personal stylists (best friends). Put on some tunes and exchange outfit ideas.

6 Date night

If you’re not currently with your partner this can be a very testing time. Set up a video call then make cocktails and cook together. Dine at a table for two.

A spokesperson for, who compiled the list, said: “We are all missing friends and family. The good thing about modern technology is we’re never really too far away.

“It’s possible that the lockdown is actually causing friends and family to come together more often than they would have done before.

"So, hopefully, this can become a regular event, even once the lockdown rules are lifted.”

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