Revealed: the most lucky lottery numbers you could choose

An online gaming site has revealed the list of numbers that have been drawn the most throughout the history of The Lotto and EuroMillions, and might be most likely to result in a win.

Four of the five Lotto numbers drawn most frequently appeared in some of the biggest jackpots in the history of the game - the number 27 showed up in the biggest win in history, a 2016 jackpot worth £66,070,646. Meanwhile the number 40 was called for another 2016 draw worth £47,405,023.

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Data from The National Lottery reveals that 6,300 people have been made millionaires by the Lotto, with the most located in Birmingham (116 winners). Over a quarter of winners buy a dog with their prize money, while others spend mostly on cars or holidays.

The UK gambling industry in numbers:

According to the most recent results from the Taking Part Survey, conducted by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, 44 per cent of respondents reported playing a National Lottery game over the last 12 months (from April 2019 - March 2020), with the most popular lottery games being the Lotto (71 per cent) and the EuroMillions (60 per cent).

The most common reason for playing the lottery was in the hopes of winning the jackpot on offer (67 per cent cited this as a reason), while 24 per cent reported playing because it supports a good cause, and a further 24 per cent reported that they play because it's easy to do so.

People aged 45-64 played the lottery the most, with over half agreeing they had played in the last 12 months. Those aged 16-24 were, on the other hand, the least likely to play the lottery with only 21 per cent saying they had played.

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The five Lotto numbers most frequently drawn were found to be:

  1. Number 40, drawn 350 times
  2. Number 27, drawn 347 times
  3. Number 23, drawn 346 times
  4. Number 39, drawn 345 times
  5. Number 38, drawn 345 times

And the five EuroMillions numbers most frequently drawn are:

  1. Number 19, drawn 171 times
  2. Number 50, drawn 170 times
  3. Number 44, drawn 170 times
  4. Number 23, drawn 170 times
  5. Number 42, drawn 168 times

Further data, including the least drawn numbers, has been added to a guide on the online gaming site to help people who play the lottery choose the numbers that could result in a jackpot.

For more information, and to view the guide, visit:

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