Plumbers are warning against using washing up liquid to clean toilets - here’s why

Would you try the hack? (Photo: Shutterstock)Would you try the hack? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Would you try the hack? (Photo: Shutterstock)

After a cleaning hack involving washing up liquid went viral, some plumbers have spoken out to warn against the trick.

This is what you need to know about the cleaning hack - and whether or not you should be doing it.

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What was the ‘hack’?

Originally posted to Facebook group, Mums Who Clean, one woman explained how she’d been using washing up liquid to keep her toilet clean.

She wrote, “[Put] Dishwashing liquid in the toilet tank compartment and every flush is fresh, clean smelling bubbles and the toilet always looks clean.”

The writer explained, “I do a big squeeze about three days a week and the toilet is used all the time.”

She also said how she had “been doing it for years” with no problems.

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Why you shouldn’t put dish soap in your toilet

It appears, however, that not everyone is on board with this DIY toilet hack - with other users warning against the trick.

“It ruins your system, so don’t do it,” wrote one person, and another added, “Please don’t do this - the rubber/seals in your toilet cistern can break down when anything else but water is used in there.”

Peter Daly, CEO of Master Plumbers, said that you should be wary of using products that aren’t designed to go into a toilet system.

Talking to, Daly said, “Master Plumbers advises that it’s safest to use cleaning products specifically designed for flush toilets. People living in outside built-up areas who are using septic tanks (rather than sewers) should ensure the product used is compatible with septic systems.”

Daly also added that people should think about the environment when selecting cleaning products.

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