Martin Lewis shares key airport tip to save passengers hundreds of pounds

Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis has shared a handy tip which could save those travelling on their summer holidays hundreds of pounds a week.

In his Martin Lewis Money Show Live the economic expert unveiled how passengers are forking out a lot of money towards costly airport car parks.

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The financial guru explained how you could save money by simply booking a parking space ahead of departure.

Here is the key advice Martin Lewis gave for those who want to save cash.

What is his airport car park tip to save money?

Martin Lewis advised booking a car park spot at the airport well in advance, instead of turning up on the day and having to pay hundreds a week.

He said pre-booking a spot will help you save a lot of money.

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Martin said: "Parking at the airport, book ahead. Even if it’s on the day.

"Given an example, we found one case where, if you turn up at Manchester Airport and paid there it’s £400 for the week.

"If you had pre-booked that morning, it was £130.”

He added: “Better still, if you had booked earlier, there are comparison sites for that too."

He went on to advise travellers to go on comparison sites to check hotel prices and to make the most of free cancellations.

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What other tips did he share?

During the show, Martin explained to his viewers that the best way to save money abroad is by using a credit or debit card.

But he stressed you need to choose the right card in order to avoid "paying to pay" while on holiday.

He showed three types of cards that are the best for when you are travelling abroad:

  • Chase debit card

  • Halifax Clarity credit card

  • Barclaycard Rewards credit card

All three cards don’t have exchange rate fees, and there’s no interest on spending as long as you pay in full.

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Martin said out of the three cards, the Chase debit card is the best to use abroad as it offers a 1% cash back on purchases made.

He explained that using cash is still a good way to spend money abroad, but he warned Bureau de Change cash rates are often beaten by debit and credit cards.

If you do opt to use cash, Martin advised never to exchange cash at the airport.

He advises to always use a travel money comparison site to search for the best rate.