Here's where every case of coronavirus has been diagnosed in the UK

As of March 2 there have been 36 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the UK (Getty Images)As of March 2 there have been 36 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the UK (Getty Images)
As of March 2 there have been 36 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the UK (Getty Images)

Thousands people across the world have been diagnosed with Covid-19, a deadly coronavirus strain originating from China.

Across the UK there has been growing numbers of confirmed cases of the virus.

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Here's a breakdown of every confirmed case of Covid-19 in the UK so far by location and date.

UK Covid-19 cases by location

Since January 31, 40 UK cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed.

Locations of positive Covid-19 cases in the UK

Belfast (1 case)Derbyshire (1 case)Devon (1 case)East Sussex (5 cases)Essex (1 case)Gloucestershire (2 cases)Hertfordshire (2 cases)Huddersfield (1 case)Kent (1 case)London (2 cases)Manchester (1 case)Tayside (1 case)Surrey (4 cases)Vale of Glamorgan (4 cases)West Yorkshire (1 case)York (2 cases)Repatriated (4 cases)Unknown (6 cases)

UK cases timeline

January 31: first two UK cases confirmed, a University of York student and a relative. Both had recently visited China.February 6: a man from Brighton who had recently visited Singapore, becomes first British national to test positive for Covid-19. Man is later named as Steve Walsh.February 9: a fourth case is confirmed by Chief Medical Officer for England Christopher Whitty, who confirmed that the patient was a contact of Steve Walsh.February 10: four more cases confirmed by Public Health England - all four are contacts of Steve Walsh and two of them are health professionals.February 12: woman who recently visited China becomes first confirmed case in LondonFebruary 23: four UK citizens who had been on Diamond Princess crusie ship confirmed as testing positive for Covid-19.February 27: first positive test for Covid-19 in Northern Ireland. The patient had recently visited an outbreak area of northern Italy.February 28: four more cases of the coronavirus strain, including the first case in Wales.February 29: three further cases in the UK. Two hadd recently visited northern Italy, while one had recently travelled to Asia. March 1: 13 more people in the UK are diagnosed with the disease, including the first official case in Scotland. March 2: 4 more cases confirmed by CMO Chris Whitty

Have any UK patients recovered?


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Of the 40 positive cases, eight have fully recovered from the disease and returned home.

Have there been any deaths in the UK?


One UK national however, died on February 28 after testing positive for the disease while aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.