Alone Together: stay informed with our new coronavirus podcast

We are living through unprecedented and uncertain times.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, so does the false information, mixed messaging, panic and fear.

But in ‘Alone Together: A Coronavirus Podcast’ we aim to lift your spirits, and focus on the facts.

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Brought to you by hosts Morven McIntyre, Matt Millard and Dan McLaughlin, 'Alone Together' is a Laudable production for JPIMedia and Reach.

We’ll hear from the amazing people who are doing their bit to keep our local communities going, sharing their positive and inspiring stories during this time of huge unrest.

We’ll also be answering your questions about the virus, hopefully putting your mind at ease and shedding more light on the science of the pandemic.

Experts and journalists will be answering your pressing questions. What happens in a lockdown? Is the virus worse than the flu? How do I work from home? What happens if I’m self employed?

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Episode one

On the first episode, presenters Dan and Matt discuss their first virtual Mother’s Day and how they have adjusted to podcasting from home.

To dive into your coronavirus FAQs, this week our expert is Edinburgh based pharmacist, Yaseen Yousaf of Paton and Finlay, who answers the public's pressing medical questions.

We also chat to local hero Mathew Quinn (below), managing director of Future Sales, who is offering free deliveries of essential supplies within 50 miles of his home on his motorbike.

How to listen to 'Alone Together'

You can listen to Alone Together: A Coronavirus Podcast wherever you get your podcasts, including Spotify, or you can download the Entale app on iOS or Android for exclusive immersive content to accompany this podcast.

If you like what you hear, please rate and review the show.

Stay safe, stay informed and stay tuned.