Triumph of bureaucracy over common sense

Pot holes on Beckwith Road (1704304AM4)
Pot holes on Beckwith Road (1704304AM4)

In last week’s Advertiser, Don Mackenzie told us that his officials have decided that Beckwith Road does not meet the council’s ‘intervention level’ for repairing potholes (which I understand to be a pothole depth of 40mm). This appears to be a triumph of bureaucracy over common sense.

Even if the potholes on Beckwith Road are not of this depth, it surely merely needs a sensible person (not clutching a rule book or a measuring stick) to look at the road as a whole.

It is in a dire condition – with potholes, crumbling grate surrounds, deteriorating speed humps and badly repaired utility works stretching for its whole length.

The road is a danger to users; one frequently sees drivers swerving to avoid the hazards (thus endangering other road users).

This road is heavily used, particularly at rush hours. Surely we are entitled to a decent road.

Dr Roger Litton

Florence Road,