Thank you from Drums Agogo

From: Alison Lyon and friends, Drums Agogo, Kingsley Road, Harrogate

MAY I please say a big thank you, through your letters page, to the generous people of Harrogate who paused amidst their preparations in the run-up to Christmas to think of people less fortunate than us - those unlucky enough to have been born in a part of the world where many are going hungry each and every day, even as we worry about our post-Christmas waistlines.

It is estimated that famine, caused by drought, killed between 50,00 and 100,000 people in East Africa between April and August this year, half of them children under the age of five, and the famine is continuing, with 7 million children going hungry every day.

I am a teacher of African drumming, with evening classes in Harrogate and Otley. In the run-up to Christmas, my students and drumming friends from both groups braved the freezing cold weather and risk of chilblains to busk in the streets of both towns to raise money for famine relief. We are delighted to report that we raised £110, which we have donated via the charity Save the Children. Warm thanks to everyone who took part, and to everyone who gave. If any other readers would like to donate to Save the Children’s East Africa Crisis Appeal they can do so on line or by post. All the information you need is at

Anyone who wants to join our friendly group and be part of events like this in the future can telephone me on 01423 880628.