Saint Michael’s Hospice: We couldn’t do it without your support

Tony Collins - Chief executive of Saint Michael's Hospice
Tony Collins - Chief executive of Saint Michael's Hospice

As 2016 draws to a close, I’d like to take the opportunity to look back on a busy and successful year at Saint Michael’s, whilst extending sincere thanks to the staff, volunteers and supporters at the heart of our local hospice care charity.

Saint Michael’s has helped more local people than ever before and, thanks to the incredible generosity of the Harrogate district community, we have raised the funds to make this care happen.

By any measure, in these constrained times this is a staggering community achievement. Thank you.

Every day - even throughout Christmas and New Year - Saint Michael’s, Just ‘B’ and Talking Spaces services are there to support people as they live with terminal illness, bereavement and the challenge of mental ill health.

This year our major focus was on making these services more accessible; reaching more people in their own homes, in schools and other community settings.

And, we have done just that.

We know that one in three people is touched by hospice care.

Right now our expert staff and trained volunteers are helping someone in your community during a very difficult time in their life, or raising awareness or funds to support this vital work.

Alongside this wonderful team is the community we serve, who, in their thousands, donated funds to support our cause this year.

It is no exaggeration to say we couldn’t do it without you. We can only care for as many people as we have the funds to help and, as a local charity that receives little government funding, Saint Michael’s relies on our supporters to fund around 80 per cent of our work.

Saint Michael’s is making a greater impact in our community every year but, as our population ages, health budgets tighten and services continue to be cut, the need for this care is only becoming greater.

By supporting Saint Michael’s Hospice people feel they are making a powerful statement about hope, humanity and life - a statement the Harrogate district community has been making since the charity was formed.

As Saint Michael’s moves into its 30th year, this movement of people is stronger than it has ever been.

You make us who we are, and, as we plan our anniversary year, it is this determination, passion and support that inspires us to find new ways to ensure no one is left to face the complex and often forgotten challenges of terminal illness, bereavement and mental illness alone.

Thank you again for everything you continue to do.

We wish you and those you love a safe, restful and meaningful Christmas and New Year.

Tony Collins

Chief Executive, Saint Michael’s Hospice