Letters: Parking charges

NADV 1306044AM1 Parking ticket machine. (1306044AM1)
NADV 1306044AM1 Parking ticket machine. (1306044AM1)

Killing the town

We note with dismay the fact that Coun Skidmore’s proposals to increase the cost of residents’ parking permits for Pateley Bridge by 1000 per cent have been approved.

It is not clear whether the £15 a month quoted is with or without the 50 per cent discount mentioned. Clearly Coun Skidmore wants to kill Pateley Bridge as a shopping centre altogether. The new charge is supposed to reflect the economic cost of the service – but it is not possible to calculate this as it will depend on how often we use the car parks and for how long. Like many local people, we try to use the shops in Pateley Bridge as much as possible, because it’s nicer to ‘buy local’ from shops where people know your name and who you are and it saves ’food miles’ and diesel. We buy all our fruit and vegetables, meat, newspapers and some groceries locally and use the Post Office as much as we can. However, if we have to pay £15 a month per car for parking in Pateley Bridge, we would be tempted to do all our shopping on trips to Harrogate or Ripon where we can park for nothing in a number of locations or to shop online. Coun Skidmore should remember that in the winter there are no tourists to pay parking fees – only us locals. Many older people rely on these local shops and are not able to travel further afield. Some shops in Pateley Bridge are only just financially viable as it is. Shame on you Sir – just an easy way to make money rather than a carefully thought out plan whose benefits and disbenefits have been taken into account.

Jenny Booker

Albert Terrace, Glasshouses

Unfair charges

Just an insult

With regard to the suggested car parking fee increases, inparticular those proposed for Pateley Bridge, which are already too high and if anything should be removed completey for ‘local’ residents.

It is my opinion that many of those who purchase the Pateley parking permit probably stay less than half an hour, perhaps 45 minutes at the most two or three times a week and the real benefit is the convenience of not having to use the ticket machine.

We are already forced to pay the extortionate council tax demands, for which the majority of us in Upper Nidderdale only get their rubbish collected, we also pay high road tax to travel along these third rate roads which continue to deteriorate and are constantly full of potholes crumbling road edges and unkempt verges.

What an insult then to have to pay yet another unnecessary tax dreamed up by the likes of Skidmore who surely must have better things to do with his time and as far as I am concerned he can skid-off.

John Shooter