Letters: No stop for Harlow centre on new bus route

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Keep the buses running

If the reason for the changes to the number 6 bus route were brought about because of a need to reduce costs as stated by Transdev, why did they not simply reduce the service frequency to every 40 minutes? To do so would achieve the same objective ie to use one vehicle instead of two.

The advantages of doing it this way far outweigh the disadvantages. The advantages include maintaining a service to many elderly and disabled people living in the Harlow Avenue/Beckwith Avenue area who need it to get to their local shops. It would also maintain a service to the loal community centre. It would further maintain a bus service to the new Harrogate Central Police station, maintain a service to Harlow Carr Gardens and continue to provide a service to the 100 or so residential properties along Otley Road to the west of Beckwith Road.

Furthermore it would be unnecessary to run two of the new X6 journeys in the morning and a further two in the late afternoon as these would be covered by the revised service. To return to the previous route would further mean that the14 stops from which the service has been withdrawn would be reinstated and that the kerb raising exercise undertaken at all but one of these stops which cost the county council tens of thousands of pounds over the past five years would not have been wasted.

The only disadvantage would be that the buses would be ten minutes less frequent than under the revised timetable.

Malcolm Coupe

Company must reconsider

Having a bus service which runs so frequently that it doesn’t have time to pick up passengers or drop them off where they want to go is a complete waste of time and money (Harrogate Advertiser, News, July 25).

Elderly people in particular need bus stops which are not too difficult to reach, whereas having a service which runs every 40 minutes rather than every half hour would not make much difference. I hope Transdev will reconsider changes to the service on route six.

Dr Richard Turner

Please change your mind

I write as a resident of Harlow Hill, chairman of Harlow Friendship Club and committee member of Harlow Community Centre Association. I am trying to persuade Transdev keep the no 6 bus travelling up Harlow Avenue, as it has always done.

In an effort to save money they have changed our route and want to use one bus instead of two.

They have made reductions in the number of stops and changed the route.

We also have a bus every 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes.

Below is an extract from an email I sent to Transdev to stress the importance of the bus stop on Harlow Avenue which stops directly outside the Harlow Community Centre (The Green Hut).

“I strongly feel that the planned new route would be so much better if, instead of going all the way up Pannal Ash Road to the roundabout, it turned into Harlow Avenue, as it does now.

The stop at the bottom would serve Rossett Acre school and Rossett Sports Centre. (If necessary this stop could be re-sited further down Harlow Avenue nearer the junction with Pannal Ash Road).

Most importantly for me, we would then retain the bus stop outside the Green Hut - our Harlow Community Centre.

I run the Harlow Friendship Club here on most Wednesday afternoons between September and June and this bus stop is vital to some of our members who are elderly and infirm.

It also means people come in the bad weather as there is direct access to the community centre.

They would not come if they had to walk (slowly) down from the stop on Beckwith Road, especially when it’s snowing, raining or windy.

I then suggest the bus turns left into Beckwith Road and goes to Pannal Ash roundabout, utilizing the existing bus stop at the end of Beckwith Crescent.

This stop is not far from the one at the top of Pannal Ash Road (which won’t be used any more) and can serve Rossett school and Ashville College.

The bus can then proceed along Beckwith Road as planned.”

I think it’s a shame the bus company don’t consult with local people before they go ahead with changes which affect us all.

Pat Wormald

Abandoned by Transdev

It’s simply one of the biggest mistakes of Transdev operations in Harrogate, cutting off and leaving an entire area without a bus service after 6.50pm. Now, if you want to take your family out on a evening, the only way possible is a taxi, or face a long walk down Cold Bath Road, and then back again when returning home.

It’s appalling, it’s outrageous and when a bus company is chucking cheap fares and more buses on the Knaresborough route as well as cheap fares on the Wetherby route to compete with another bus company, they make an entire estate and area in Harrogate suffer by coldly abandoning them on an evening, simply after teatime, no buses at all into town or back again.

It makes no sense, I have been on that bus service and seen people using it a lot, indeed you get more people paying cash fares on a evening or at least, using ZoneOne’s like myself, as most of the bus passes are used during the day.

It’s a vital service and perhaps Transdev need to look at the silly bus war it’s engaged in and remember its customers are people and famalies and cannot afford taxis.

I am begging the operators to think again about the Number 6 and reinstate the evening buses.

How can anyone allow this to happen? Transdev and NYCC should be ashamed, and if it does go all the way back to the Government, them too.

Losing the Little Red Bus Company, cuts to bus services, while slashing fares on routes to put other bus companies out of business.

People need to start complaining and standing up for their rights and making their voices heard.

And a word to Connexions Buses, why not run a service from Jennyfield to Harrogate and on to Pannal Ash?

Maybe then Transdev will cut fares and extra buses at us. Harlow Carr Gardens is not serviced now by a bus too, C’mon Guys!

Dropping the 8pm and 9pm buses, it’s a cut too far.

Parents cannot let their kids go into town for fear of them being cut off, families are forced to stay in or face expensive taxi fares, and the elderly are left home alone, because they can’t get a bus at all, with the loss of the little red bus and now the 6 on a evening too.

Craig Hurle

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