Letters: Harrogate RUFC vote of no confidence


With reference to your article in the Advertiser last week regarding Gate members to decide Pythons future.

There has been a Pythons side at Claro Road for over 40 years and the players involved, have always bought a variety of wealth and experience to the Claro club.

For the committee to request members to vote to decide the future of the Pythons at a special general meeting on February 18 is bizarre in itself.

There are over 100 members of the Pythons, all of which, are local Harrogate talent, who support the club and its facilities.

Harrogate RUFC has always promoted the fact that it wants to encourage rugby in the town, yet here they are torpedoing a side of home grown talent, which is far removed from the senior side of today, whose members now club hop to the highest bidder.

Many years ago in the 60s and 70s Harrogate were very successful with local talent, and were proud amateurs ready to pull on a Harrogate jersey and represent the town.

The committee were all voluntary and neither they or the players received any remuneration.

The Pythons recently held a rugby dinner at the Majestic Hotel, and raised over £11,000 for the club through various sponsors and local businesses.

I would therefore request members to consider what benefit can be achieved by HRUFC, if the Pythons leave the club.

Surely a vote of no confidence would be more appropriate, at the way the club’s chairman and administration is handling this affair, if they cannot manage a competitive amateur team within the club.

Joey Roberts

High View, Burnt Yates