Letter: Will the money help the problem?

The £4m earmarked for our roads is of course welcome, but is unlikely to solve the fundamental problem of too many cars on too little roads.

The roads have become more congested year by year and this is borne out by events such as major resurfacing or M&S building works, which result in absolute chaos.

Money spent on resurfacing, rejigging traffic lights or changing traffic flows is not the answer.

Skipton Road is notorious for being one of the most congested in the country and there are huge bottlenecks of evening traffic trying to get out on to Leeds Road via Pannal or Burn Bridge.

Having lived in Harrogate for over 30 years I can recall correspondence about the need for some (new) relief roads to the west of Harrogate.

The majority of people in South Harrogate, including the Pannal Village Society, were strongly opposed to this on the basis that the roads were not needed, they would only encourage traffic and there was no money to build them.

We are now suffering the consequences of these short sighted views and there would appear to be very little chance of any new roads being built now, when budgets are being cut back.

Looking to the future, there appears very little prospect of things improving, because of the commitment to build hundreds of new houses in the area, but no extra roads.

If this is the case, and in order to try to be constructive, it will become necessary to consider a wide range of alternatives, which could include an improved railway service, park and ride and perhaps ‘bus only’ lanes.

Peter Gregory

Westminster Crescent,