Letter: Wheelie bin collection issues

Wheelie bins
Wheelie bins

I’ve always been in favour of wheelie bins, after all they are efficient way of collecting household rubbish and much better than the black bags which were prone to attack from foxes, cats and vermin. The problem is not with the wheelie bins but with the collection of them and the ‘operatives’(I don’t think we are allowed to call them ‘bin men’ these days). This week I was annoyed to find a sticker on my bin which said that the bin had not been emptied because I had not left it ‘kerb side’.

This was a nonsense! I had left it kerbside, on the edge of my property, in exactly the same place that I have left it for months and exactly as the example shown on the Harrogate Borough Council web pages. What is more it had been emptied so just what is going on here? If I were to leave the bin on the footpath next to the kerb it would be obstructing the footpath and I would be liable to prosecution. What I find really annoying is that this is a one-way process. I often return home to find my bin has been left in the road, or that my neighbour’s bins are scattered ‘higgledy piggledy’ down the road causing obstruction and danger to pedestrians and drivers. The problem is that these bins are light enough to be moved easily when there is a modest wind blowing and the operatives have just dumped them rather than putting them back safely. Is this because of some sort of timing targets that the ‘operatives’ work under? One reads in the national press of people being fined for putting their bins out too early and of bins not being emptied because they are too full. At this time of year people go off on holiday and are not necessarily around to put their bin out at the right time. I am sure there are people who are a pain but Local authorities exist to serve their communities, not to chastise them. If we are trying to ‘save the planet’ by reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill and increasing what we recycle it is important that that local authorities keep the public’s support rather than alienating them with petty bureaucracy and stickers on their wheelie bins!

Brian Souter

Appleby Crescent, Knaresborough