Letter: We’ll be losing more than 60 parking spaces

Harrogate Council Offices on Crescent Gardens.(1401045b)
Harrogate Council Offices on Crescent Gardens.(1401045b)

I was delighted to read in the Advertiser that the council will be consulting the public regarding the sale of the road in front of the council offices.

However, it does seem from the quotes given by Coun Mackenzie (NYCC) and Coun Swift that it is already a done deal to let the developers have the road. This road I understand is to enable the developer to create underground car parking. Why not make the entrance to this from the small car park at the end of the offices ?

I believe the small car park is due to be a ‘gherkin’ shaped restaurant. If they need another restaurant then why not make a roof top restaurant with views over Harrogate.

I estimate that we will be losing in the region of 63 very important parking spaces.

By selling this road, will we now see other developers applying to buy the road in front of their developments ? For instance, should the Hotel St George wish to provide underground car parking, will they be able to purchase the road at the side of their building ?

I look forward to the public consultation.

Michael Hine

Fairways Avenue, Harrogate