Letter: Waste disposal - Charges will cause fly tipping

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The council appears to be actively encouraging ‘fly tipping’ - despite general concerns about the effect on the environment and the cost of such illegal tipping.

After doing a few jobs at home, I dutifully took my two plastic buckets containing some broken tiles and plaster and six pieces of slate measuring approx 12” x 12” to Penny Pot waste disposal site.

After successfully negotiating numerous potholes en-route, I found the rubble skips cordoned off. I was approached by one of the operatives who politely told me that it now costs £3 to dispose of rubble.

I explained that I was not a builder or such like but just tidying up after a few jobs at home. All to no avail!

I was then told by another operative to take it back home. I can appreciate charging builders and professional firms who turn up with trailers and van loads of rubbish - but the penalising of ordinary householders disposing of tiny amounts of rubbish is another matter all together.

This ‘policy’ will lead to an increased amount of fly tipping and cost even more to tidy up.

Mr RP Richardson

Cautley Drive, Killinghall