Letter: Waste collection - I can’t justify annual charge

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We do not generate sufficient garden waste to warrant putting the bin out every two weeks. During any previous year I estimate that the most times have been five occasions during any 39 week collection service period.

Our bin was last put out in the third week in April. Therefore, we cannot justify paying the annual charge of £39, which would equate (assuming five occasions in a year) to £7.80 for each collection.

On May 18 I noted the number of garden waste recycle bins put outside properties on Knapping Hill. Of 20 dwellings on the odd-numbered side of the street there were only four bins. On the other side of the road there were five bins placed outside 16 houses.

The total of nine bins outside 36 homes equals 25 per cent of householders utilising the service on that day.

I realise this is as a small survey on one day. However, if this represents the number of properties where the occupants agree to pay for the collection service, then the majority of householders will have to make alternative arrangements.

Personally I will revert to the system I used before the bins were provided, and put our garden waste into bags then occasionally take them to a recycling centre.

Should the majority of the local population decide to follow the council’s advice, this will mean extra vehicles being added to the already local congested road network, with resultant additional emissions polluting the atmosphere.

If the uptake is less than its expectation, will the council review the decision to charge a fee for garden waste collections?

As Harrogate Council will be obliged to continue collections in streets where any householder has agreed to pay fortnightly, a garden waste collection vehicle will still be operating.

It would be more logical for that vehicle to collect all garden waste in preference to numerous other journeys by residents to recycling centres.

Michael Ellison

Knapping Hill, Harrogate