Letter: Wartime connection

Harrogate War Memorial (131223M2e).
Harrogate War Memorial (131223M2e).

Alwyn Bramley-Moore in Harrogate?

On a recent visit to Harrogate I noticed Alwyn Bramley-Moore’s name on the War Memorial in St Mark’s church and on the Cenotaph in the town centre.

I was wondering whether any of your readers knew of his connection to Harrogate.

He was an English Canadian and a member of the Alberta Provincial Parliament from 1909 to 1913.

At the start of World War he came back to England and joined the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.

He had five children and wrote letters to them regularly which have been published The Path of Duty - The Wartime Letters of Alwyn Bramley-Moore.

He was shot on March 27 1916 by a German sniper and died on April 4.

Alwyn Bramley-Moore is my maternal grandmother’s brother.

I have no knowledge as to his connection to Harrogate as all his English family were around London at that time.

I would be very grateful for any information.

Dr Roger Hart

Cranbrook, Kent