Letter: Transport - Traffic volumes support findings

Station Parade jam.(1505141AM1)
Station Parade jam.(1505141AM1)

I would like to add a comment to Geoff Foxall’s (April 13) and Paul Ashfield’s (April 20) letters. The effect of the various options for the relief road on predicted traffic volumes is shown on the variance map on NYCC website www.northyorks.gov.uk/hrr.

This shows that although there is reduction on some roads, there are increases on others, thus supporting the conclusion in the Campaign to Protect Rural England report that all new roads schemes put pressure on adjoining roads.

For example, the inner southern green route (IS) through Nidd Gorge increases the traffic on Ripon Road by 20 per cent, or in actual figures the increase is from 21,000 (see count point 56618 on www.dft.gov.uk/traffic-counts) to 25,000 vehicles per day.

I have already brought this to the attention of NYCC through my statement to the Harrogate Local Area Committee meeting on March 16 where I also asked if Ripon Road could cope with the expected increase.

John Branson

Bilton Lane, Harrogate