Letter: Traffic lights - We must be the worst in country

Traffic Lights.
Traffic Lights.

Recent correspondence on this subject has quite rightly pointed out the failure of traffic controls to improve congestion and the poor road repairs conducted. Councillor Mackenzie and the highways department are full of excuses and simply cannot hack it.

I and others have pointed out numerous times that what they are doing is making things worse but to no avail. No doubt the next thing will be the danger of fumes from vehicles stuck in traffic jams created by the too many traffic controls we have.

Harrogate has so many traffic light controls that it must be the worst in the county. What is required is a drastic reduction in these to enable traffic to flow more easily.

The congestion at the new Leeds Road/Hookstone Road M&S store junction, despite denials, is still bad at certain times. The design of the exit from this store is to blame and is a clear indication of the wrong thinking of the highways department. Also the imposition of a 30mph speed limit on Leeds Road has created queues at the main junction traffic lights which never used to occur so frequently.

On the subject of road repairs, it is beyond question that these are substandard as one of your readers pointed out. The same spots have to be renewed every year - it’s a farcical way of dealing with matters and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

For Councillor Mackenzie to say the cost of actually resurfacing roads makes this too expensive is barmy. If we don’t have a programme to do this, then the present pothole filling syndrome will continue for ever.

One of your readers wisely asked where had all the money gone? All you have to do is look at the traffic lights installed and road architecture expense to see how wrong they have got their priorities.

Harrogate needs a major re-surfacing plan. No doubt, as has been said, areas which are not so bad will be re-surfaced for any cycle races, although not a priority.

It’s time for a change of policy. Our money is being wasted and present incumbents should go. All true citizens of Harrogate should begin a campaign of complaints over these poor planners and decision makers.

John Holder