Letter: Traffic delays costing millions

tis  Traffic into Harrogate on Leeds Road.  (140205M4c)
tis Traffic into Harrogate on Leeds Road. (140205M4c)

This is costing us millions

We cannot be alone in our feelings of frustration and anger over the traffic delays and increased danger of accidents caused by Marks and Spencer’s road works at Appleyard’s corner on the Leeds Road.

The delays are costing the people of Harrogate millions of pounds in wasted petrol and time.

M&S should be invited to compensate Harrogate for this loss, failing which Harrogate should boycott the store.

In the meantime surely the period for which we suffer these delays can be mitigated by requiring the road works to be carried out 24 hours per day, subject to noise restrictions at night, and the additional costs extracted from M&S.

The traffic planners of the North Yorkshire County Council Highways Department have further exacerbated the situation by resetting the traffic lights to “one direction at a time” and in so doing have reduced the capacity of the crossroads by more than 50 per cent.

They should be identified and required to sort it out.

Barbara and Martin Coultas

Margaret Kerr

Jack and Pauline Foster

Bernadette and Stuart Reid