Letter: Ticket barriers - How to annoy your customers

Harrogate railway station.
Harrogate railway station.

I really can’t see any reason to install ticket barriers at Harrogate station. I’ve never been on a local train in the last 10 years where there hasn’t been a guard checking and selling tickets.

All the extra staff and equipment just increases the costs of running the line. It’s no wonder the fares are so expensive with all this overstaffing.

I’d like to know how much money Northern think they lose from fare dodging. It won’t be much, and is far outweighed by the amount they overcharge passengers when selling them the wrong ticket (either accidentally or on purpose) - readers may remember a few years ago the ticket machines at Leeds station were programmed to exclude the cheapest tickets for some journeys. Also, the amount of compensation that is paid out for delays is a tiny proportion of the money that should be given back to passengers.

With many of the trains late, overcrowded or both, and now these ill-thought out ticket barriers, Northern just seem to have succeeded in annoying their customers.

Chris Richardson

Harlow Moor Drive,