Letter: The importance of voting at elections

Are you registered to vote?
Are you registered to vote?

It makes me very sad to hear people saying “I don`t vote because they are all the same”.

They do not care about the long struggle to get everyone the vote and they do not realise that democracy only really works if everyone voted.

Not voting, although a democratic choice, does not give a democratic result because the percentage of missing votes might have voted for the other.

Let us all do our best to have the local elections over the usual 35 per cent and the EU poll over 90 per cent.

It has become rather obvious that the “In” group are the only ones producing any facts or figures.

The “Out” group seem to think that comments such as “rubbish”, “nonsense”, etc are all that are needed. Which is just as well as they cannot possibly know what will happen in a completely new situation.

There is of course another probable problem for the “Out” group, namely what if the SNP decide to have another referendum for independence since they want to stay in the EU?

W White

Park Place, Harrogate