Letter: Tesco - There’s none so blind...

Tesco Harrogate artist's impression.
Tesco Harrogate artist's impression.

On the front page of last week’s Harrogate Advertiser, Coun Graham Swift (HBC cabinet member for economic development and enterprise) makes the following statement regarding traffic flow should the Tesco superstore go ahead:

“Such an investment will help reduce traffic across the town by providing a shopping opportunity for residents in the north of Harrogate and continue to ensure that Harrogate gets the most competitive retail offerings from all of the leading retailers.”

What? Help reduce traffic? Where?

I take it Coun Swift hasn’t driven down Skipton Road in the last ten years?

The A59 has long been an outdated road that is incapable of coping with today’s volume.

There is an old saying: “There’s none so blind as those who don’t want to see”.

When will local councils wake to the reality of traffic congestion in 2016, instead of coming out with stupid statements like: “We have run it through our model and major expansion won’t make any difference to traffic flow.”

Oh really!

C Ramus

Duchy Road,