Letter: Sunday parking - What next for parking charges?

Parking ticket machine. (1306044AM1)
Parking ticket machine. (1306044AM1)

Is there anything further to be said on the issue of Sunday parking charges following the articles and correspondence published in the Advertiser?

I have summarised all that I have read and arrive at the following conclusions:-

That Harrogate Borough councillors, led by two senior councillors, who appear to be earning ca £30K pa plus all elected by the people of Harrogate to representthem, chose to believe the views expressed by North Yorkshire County Council Highways engineers, obtained over a brief period of time, and not believe the 94 per cent of the town.

It would appear that democracy in local government does not operate whereas it does nationally - ask David Cameron who has now fallen on his sword and that was based on only a four per cent difference.

May I make one “observation” that the town off street parking is empty on a Sunday because of all day parking on that day in the centre of Harrogate.

1. Does that mean that visitors from Halifax, Hebden Bridge and Helperby coming to town for the day to take children to Oliver’s, or parents to Betty’s, or simply to enjoy our town and shops will simply drive home because they cannot find parking on the door step,

Do not look for disc zone parking (free on a Sundays) rather than pay for parking in the off street parking, take their families home. Does that not therefore mean that having to spend parking costs and move their cars every three hours? If they exceed the parking time, Harrogate will lose the value of the trade and NYCC will be the only beneficiaries.

Are there any safeguards in this some say “money making operation?”

What if they are wrong, what will be the measure? Empty counters, tables, chairs and beds? Have HBC sought any assurances from Northallerton if it does impact on the town?

Does the town now lie down and roll over and await the next stage - “evening parking” charges and maybe extension into “disc parking”? What is to stop them based upon the current performance of “our elected representatives”?

One is mindful of the civil disobedience the ladies of the “suffragette” movement who chained themselves to the gates of Parliament and locally a group of ladies brought about a change of the national law and benefited all the local communities in the country by ”sitting out on their deckchairs for several cold winter months”.

“P” day is coming soon - could we see deck chairs chained to parking meters?

I fear not and the rest of NYCC plans to burden us with more cost will follow as certain as day follows night.

Terry Byrne