Letter: Sunday parking - Make the first three hours free

A Harrogate parking disc. (2912037)
A Harrogate parking disc. (2912037)

I continue to read with interest the battle regarding keeping free parking in Harrogate on a Sunday.

The suggestion of disc parking is a good one, but has obviously been re-buffed by the council because it does not earn any money.

Why can’t the on-street meters be programmed for a Sunday to give the first three or four hours free? And if anyone wishes to stay longer they could pay a fee.

If I park in Knaresborough market place for only 20 minutes I get a free ticket. If I wish to stay longer I pay the parking fee, so this proves it can be done.

Call me cynical if you wish but I think this is a back door money raising exercise that the council are trying to force upon us and is not about freeing up spaces.

Keith Sturdy

Grimbald Road, Knaresborough