Letter; Streets can’t cope with football traffic

Harrogate's CNG stadium.   Picture Tony Johnson.
Harrogate's CNG stadium. Picture Tony Johnson.

I read your headline on the back page of last Thursdays Advertiser saying ‘Town is ready for Historic Derby’.

However, I beg to differ - town wasn’t ready. 3,000+ football fans descended on Harrogate, but no parking was available.

I had booked a meal a week previously for a party of eight people to celebrate my husband and a friend’s birthday at The Woodlands.

We arrived to find it was closed on the advice of the police, due to the football.

To say we were annoyed was putting it mildly.

The football ground is now in the wrong place, either provide a park and ride facility or find another ground.

The surrounding streets cannot cope with the necessary parking.

Why should a football match ruin other peoples Saturday afternoons?

K Williams

Rutland Drive.