Letter: StrEAT food festival - the clue is in the name...

StrEAT Food Festival. (1608273AM9)
StrEAT Food Festival. (1608273AM9)

Whilst appreciating the desire of HBC members to bring revenue to the district, I despair of their determination to kill the goose which lays the golden eggs.

Valley Gardens draw large numbers of visitors to Harrogate due to their intrinsic beauty and elegance.

Wreck them on a regular basis through inappropriate use and their reputation will be destroyed, as will business in the surrounding area.

The Friends of Valley Gardens are being treated very shabbily.

Their contribution and opinions should be given greater credit.

Your paper has carried many letters asking for the strEAT festival to be held elsewhere.

There is a clue in the title, which might lead to a better plan.

Can anybody in the council office spot it?

Judith Cheseldine


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