Letter: Streat Festival - The clue is in its name...

Streat Food Festival. (1608273AM9)
Streat Food Festival. (1608273AM9)

As one of the moaning minnies referred to by Mr Sowerby (Letters, September 8) I would like to respond to his letter in last week’s Advertiser where he praises the Streat Food Festival as a resounding success,

He implies that because the Valley Gardens’ upkeep is funded by council tax payers, then it is valid for some tax payers to have their lust for events and festivals satisfied by the holding of these events in the Gardens.

I disagree.

Because an amenity is publicly funded does not give the public or indeed its custodians the entitlement to have it utilised in whatever way or particular fancy that any council tax payer (or custodian) might wish for.

It certainly does not give them the right to abuse it.

Plus, a large amount of the upkeep is undertaken by the Friends of the Valley Gardens on a voluntary basis.

Mr Sowerby is mis-informed when he says that the moaning minnies have the gardens for 51 weeks of the year.

I don’t know how often he visits the Valley Gardens, but throughout the summer there has been numerous events there including:

1. 1940’s Day

2. Cie Carabosse - two or three days

3. Skate Jam

4. Harrogate 10k Run

5. Big Picnic

6. Carting

7. Happygate Festival

Plus the Allotment Show in the Sun Pavillion and art shows in the Colonnade

And so what? Even if the Valley Gardens are enjoyed as gardens for 52 weeks of the year – which they are not - this is what they were designed for.

If Streat Food Festival returns to Harrogate in the future, it should be held (the clue is in the name) on a street and not in a garden.

Christine Parker