Letter: Stray - Mowing is an unsightly mess

The Stray
The Stray

Your correspondent Christopher Busby is correct by his assumption that the deplorable appearance of the Stray after mowing, with copious layers of dead mown grass left to rot, is probably caused by use of rotary mowers instead of the old cylindrical mower.

Rotary mowers however are not the prime cause of this unsightliness.

It is the fact that rotary mowers can cut wet grass up to 5/6” long which would have clogged the cylindrical ones.

This allows the council to extend the period between mowing, mow less frequently and obvious save the council money, but leaves behind the problem which is now with the public, and causing an unsightly mess, severe annoyance as walking picks dead grass on shoes and dogs, and is carried into cars and houses.

Mike Laughton

Yewdale Road, Harrogate