Letter: Stray Act - Very little ever changes here

The Stray, Harrogate
The Stray, Harrogate

I laughed out loud at the headline “Stray Act changes must not be rushed”.

Have no fear Judy D’Arcy Thomson, having lived here for 20 years I have come to realise that very little actually changes in Harrogate.

Yes, plenty of discussion takes place about new roads, “Park and Ride” schemes, pedestrianisation etc but it is all hot air.

The only changes I have really noticed is that our unique and historic town is slowly becoming just like any other, full of chain shops and restaurants and redeveloped with unimaginative buildings.

Like many other readers, I would love to see the Stray used for diverse and exciting events.

Just don’t hold your breath!

Alexandra Gilbert

Alderson Road,