Letter: State of Pateley Bridge potholes ‘a disgrace’

State of Pateley Bridge potholes ‘a disgrace’

The state of potholes in Park Road, Pateley Bridge is an absolute disgrace and someone is going to break their ankle or hip in the dark - not to mention the damage to car wheels.

Please God, when we get rid of this lousy government and, Nigel Farage is a force to be reckoned within a new government, then the whole idea of spending £50 billion on HS2 for the exclusive use of politicians, celebs and senior business people (on expenses!) will be cancelled.

Then we will have all that money to spend on getting our roads back into decent condition (£12 billion estimate) and the rest can be spent on flood prevention and fixing the drainage systems countrywide.

We will also hopefully be able to exit the EU and save more money into the bargain - simples!

There are more local potholes which require attention:

1. There is a badly sunken gulley opposite the entrance to Knabbs Grove Farm on the A59 at Kettlesing.

2. There is another sunken gulley not far away opposite the junction with Cold Cotes Road (near the Black Bull P/H) on the A59 at Menwith Hill.

3. There is a pothole on the B6451 just below Wayside Garage and it is getting steadily worse. It is something which is situated about 18” from the verge and cars all have to swerve to miss it when coming round the curve leading down to Ponden Mill Darley.

4.  There is a growing pothole coming down from “Surprise View” on the B6451 and this section of road was only resurfaced fairly recently.

5.  Finally, for the time being, there is another growing pothole on the A61 approaching the roundabout at Ripley (from the Harrogate direction) where it joins the road to Knaresborough.

Alfred Penderel Bright

Dacre Banks, Harrogate