Letter: St Peter’s School

St Peter's C of E Primary School in Harrogate
St Peter's C of E Primary School in Harrogate

Regarding your article on St Peter’s recent Ofsted report, I am one of the 96 per cent of parents happy with the school.

I feel the knee jerk reaction offered up by one anonymous father was very unfair. I did not pick St Peter’s based on any report Ofsted has written.

I chose it based on the recommendations of parents past and present.

They are the people with the knowledge to give a balanced and fair opinion.

How can you judge a school or it’s staff, based on a few lines written by a stranger with boxes to tick?

I judge it on the happiness of the children. St Peter’s is concerned with giving the children the tools to go through life with a respect for people, a love for learning and a knowledge that with hard work they can achieve great things.

A few words in a report will not change the fact It is a great school.

Nigel Austin

Wedderburn Road,