Letter: Royal Mail - an inconvenience for all

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Inhabitants of Christ Church Oval received this morning a three-page A4 letter from Royal Mail, Claro Road Delivery Office, saying that “following an incident involving a known dog in the area around your address” deliveries to our addresses have been suspended.

We have been told to collect our mail from Claro Road for the foreseeable future. This involves considerable inconvenience both for those at work every day and for those without transport, and producing identification documents, which will cause problems where there are several people in the same house with different surnames.

We were told to contact a “telephone number listed above” if we wished to raise questions. No telephone number was listed above. One neighbour went down to the office and received no help or further information. If the dog who was giving concern for a “high likelihood and potential for actual attack and injury” is known, why cannot the matter be taken up with its owner, rather than imposing this draconian penalty on other households? Although several people in the Oval own dogs, we have lived here for many years and not known any that roam the streets causing anyone to feel in danger, as the delivery officer reported.

Mrs Palmer

Christ Church Oval,